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Special guest Arthur Rakham

In his 1994 A New Bibliography of Arthur Rackham, Richard Riall relates,

„..years ago I went to an antique fair, and there was a selection of old books on a stall. I looked idly through the assorted illustrated books and came to Siegfried & The Twilight of the Gods. This book was not a first edition, it was in a terrible condition and finally it was far too expensive. I bought it, and was so enchanted with the illustrations that I ignored all the faults… I still have this copy.”

his signature is about:

a sinuous pen line softened with muted water color
forests of looming, frightening trees with grasping roots
sensuous, but somehow chaste, fairy maidens
ogres and trolls ugly enough to repulse but with sufficient good nature not to frighten
backgrounds filled with little nuggets of hidden images or surprising animated animals or trees

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